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The Grouping is a partnership's office of united companies implanted in Tunisia and in Paris. Established since 1998, it gathers all the specialized skills necessary for the investment and for the realization of real estate projects in Tunisia.

The services offered by The Grouping are of the domain of advising and both legal and technical assistance providing personalized services to our customers wishing to invest in Tunisia.

The missions that are usually proposed to us move from the legal and fiscal audit to the control of work and the engineering of the programs of construction and development.

Furthermore, recent supports of communication were developed by The Grouping to widen our area of intervention in Tunisia and abroad in real estate transactions:

1 - The distribution of the magazine" Tunisie Immobilier" as being the 1st free newspaper of real estate announcements broadcasted in 50 000 copies in TUNIS and in the other 15 largest cities of Tunisia.

2 - The creation of this large real estate portal in Tunisia with more than 7 websites that are specialized in the real estate's field: investment, estate agents, architecture and decoration, travel, major real estate projects , credit and insurance, real estate ads of sales and rentals .

3 - The promotion of the Accompaniment's solutions to the real estate investment proposed by " The Grouping " by national and international " e-mailing campaigns ".

4 - The development of an assistance structure to the communication by the "design and computer graphics" specialized in the field of the real estate (CAP, CAD, images and movies of synthesis).


Introduced as a free monthly advertising magazine which is distributed free of charge, by mail and via Internet. Our leading Tunisian magazine witnesses every month a considerable development and our partners as well as our subscribers are steadily growing and leaning on us.

Since January, 2004, Tunisie Immobilier comes to fill into an informative gap in the sector for the professionals of the real estate products as well as to the property developers who wish to communicate with more favorable terms.

Today in its 65th publication which will be on the 15th of June, the review maintained well a regularity of monthly publication every 15th of each month and edited more than 50 000 copies of 48 colored pages distributed in more than 160 points in all Tunisia: the capital city Tunis and suburbs, the city of Sousse and its neighborhood, Monastir, Mahdia, Hammamet, Nabeul, Kairouan and Sfax... cafés and cafeterias, malls, stores, travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, etc.).

To sell, buy, rent, exchange or explore; our magazine will be your ideal support to promote and highlight your products.


Format: A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)
Color: Quadric
Inner paper: 115g glossy
Cover: 170g glossy coated

Free distribution:

Tunisie Immobilier is massively broadcasted to reach individuals and professionals insuring to your offers a targeted and guaranteed distribution.

Thus, The Grouping proposes an organization in multiple disciplines for the promotion of projects of real estate investments in Tunisia.


To complete this sales force Tunisie Immobilier has created "lereflex-immobilier.net" the biggest portal specialized in the real estate transactions.

The access to this gate is very simple with a clear display, an ergonomic and a simple and precise navigation, in order to know every thing about the customer's future accommodation or his future investment. A fast and direct getting in touch with the developers, the commercials and the professionals of the tax exemption.

Information and news to guide the Internet user throughout his searches through useful links towards several national and international sites specialized in the real estate transactions.

LEREFLEX-IMMOBILIER.NET includes 6 other web sites specialized in the field of the real estate and which contain :

1 - www.tunisieimmob.net 

2 - www.lereflex-architecture.net

3 - www.lereflex-agencesimmo.net

4 - www.lereflex-credits.net

5 - www.lereflex-investunisie.net

6 - www.lereflex-voyages.net

For 5 years the magazine coupled with a commercial web site presenting permanently more than 3000 real estate ads in all of Tunisia "www.tunisieimmob.net" (where it is in particular possible to consult the latest publications of our newspaper in PDF format ").

Tunisieimmob.net updates in real time its ads to propose the latest offers from the market to Internet users.

This last one is totally FREE FOR ALL THE TUNISIANS AND THE FOREIGNERS for all types of real estate insertions containing an image and/or a text.

As for professionals of the real estate products as well as to the developers who wishes to communicate with more favorable conditions, our sites suggests creating a new special section dedicated to their products and so they can contain besides their images, texts and logos, an advertising banner, and a real or animated video sequence of their projects in the pages reserved for this occasion.

The developer will be asked to supply us with the video sequences as well as with all the necessary documents for the promotion of his project.


This site contains tens of projects of architecture and decoration as well as big projects of infrastructure realized in Tunisia with images and virtual movies.

Lereflex-architecture.net proposes to the Internet users an idea about our architectural vision and offers a varied library journal specialized in the field of the architecture, a national and international external vision in the high-end design.


This site is dedicated to real estate services with a selection of addresses and phone numbers of developers and estate agencies. He answers the request and the needs of the Internet users wishing to make a specific research.


Lereflex-credits.net, what is necessary to know: a very effective site because it allows the professionals of the real estate, the private individuals and companies to know the necessities for obtaining a mortgage loan, mechanisms with banks, necessary papers, sources of credit, how to receive a credit for a project abroad or in Tunisia.


How to invest in Tunisia? This website is made for foreign investors wishing to set up in Tunisia (before, during and after investment) and all the general procedures, tax, customs, financial, social, legal, accounting, .. .

www. Lereflex-voyages.net

No need to go far to enjoy the pleasure of traveling. Lereflex-voyages.net allows you to discover all hotels , villages and cities in Tunisia, holiday rentals in all promotion prices with last minute promotions, cruises, tours or spa culture, there are plenty of holiday ideas to visit this beautiful country ..

Computer graphics:

Besides the portal and the magazine THE GROUPING created a department of computer graphics and architecture, the fruit of several years of experience in: The conception and the computer graphics specialized in the real estate domain
-The creation of images and movies of synthesis.
-Printing and choice of the support.
-The conception and the printing of the documents of communication.

Being the first company in Tunisia to promote this kind of presentation at national events as well as for big projects of investments in Tunisia and abroad, particularly in France, now, the GROUPING offers to the professionals of the real estate a successful communication tool of promotion and development of sales force.

So, our company suggests presenting your projects in an attractive and innovative way.

The electronic mail "the mailing"

The group proposes the creation of a national and international mailing campaign for the duration of your publication in our website and magazine that will handle e-mailing campaigns professional or base of e-mailing according to the request from a server dedicated specifically to the E-mailings with a fixed IP address. Thus our e-mailing campaign will be targeted through a list of personality of a businessman and investment companies in Tunisia and abroad, allowing you to have a better chance to communicate and approach a potential customers.

Total number of email addresses: 55.000 addresses unique and valid (100% Valid) professional basis.